Memory quilts are a welcome gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,
retirement, a birth, or graduation and to remember a loved one who has passed
away. 100 Wishes quilts are a special way to welcome a new addition to the
I can incorporate your pictures into a special quilt that will be washable and
durable for a long time.
I can use your favorite colors and prints that reflect hobbies and interests. Each
quilt is unique.
I will do all the work to your specification, or work with your  group of people to
help you be involved in the process.
I will work with your group to design and finish a special gift
for anniversaries, retirement, or special birthdays! You can
help or I will do all the work.
These double wedding rings are made
with family photos printed on fabric
100 Wishes Quilt
100 friends and family
contribute fabric squares to
make a quilt to honor a
new child in the family!
The envelope Please!
4 of the envelopes open to
insert small surprises
A quilt can also be made like this to
remember a loved one who has
passed away. The quilt pictured
would cost about $285 plus
Matching Doll Quilt
Here is another way to use your photos
in a quilt. This is the Grandmother's
Flower Garden Design. The small piece
above is a coaster, it makes a
keepsake for family gatherings.

elow is a table centerpiece done with
photo's of flowers that my Dad took.
Any photos could be used.
Doll Quilt
It has two different
This wall Hanging  was made using
photo's taken on a road trip to Alaska.
Kathy emailed me the photos and I made
them into this piece!
T-shirts can be
used to make a
Quilt that will
bring back
great memories!
This quilt made with clothes
from a loved one included
some of his favorite labels!
It's my quilt and I
can do what I want to!
T Shirt Quilt
Two quilts made with dance costumes!
Quilt made with Hawaiian shirt collection
Custom made
for a
wildflower lover