I can quilt your quilt top or create a special quilt for you!
Longarm machine quilting starts at .015 cents per square inch.
A quilt 90"x 108" would cost about $130 to quilt.Each  quilt is
approached as the unique piece that it is.

I suggest that you email me the dimensions of your quilt and if
possible a picture of it. I can reply with suggestions for quilting
it and a price estimate. I can also let you know how soon it can be
finished. I can usually turn around a quilt in about a month.
Tropical Lone Star
Martha's Vineyard Pond
Original design
Vintage Friendship
Apple Core
Flannel Rainbow
White work
Lucy in the Sky with
Closely quilted, embellished with rhinestones,
these kaleidescope photo images of dogwood
make a spectacular quilt!
Chain of Events
Above the front,
Below the back!
This Amish inspired quilt,
below, was made by a group
of Church women from
Wooster, Ohio for Pilgrim
Hills Camp. I quilted it!
Custom Made Quilt
Custom made
Sea Shore theme quilt
The above quilt was
created with piecing
and original photos
printed on fabric.
River of life custom quilt
Crow Theme Quilt
Civil War Cot Quilt